About Lloyd

lloydLloyd has been a student of golf instruction for many years. He has studied the great instructors from the past such as Ernest Jones, Percy Boomer, and Alex Morrison. In recent years, he has spent hours going over the teachings of Tom Tomasello, Homer Kelly, Kelvin Miyahira, and many others.

In the past 5 years, there has been a shift in the way the golf swing is understood and taught. Theodore P. Jorgensen, The Physics of Golf, was one of many books and papers to show that the old ball flight laws were wrong. It’s now understood that the face at impact determines up to 85% of the direction the ball goes. Terms like zeroing out your D Plane have now made their way into golf instruction. 3D Radar machines like Trackman, and Flightscope have enabled instructors to view a student’s swing in ways that have never been realized before.

With all the technology that is out there, it is still up to the student to learn to be able to teach themselves. With a coach explaining and demonstrating, the use of video, and understanding how the mind and body learn, the student will show improvement.

Lloyd’s Certifications



  • 3D and Golf Biomechanics
  • Penn State Certification
  • 5 Simple Keys Director
  • Flightscope Professional

It’s our goal to make you a better player by using the 3 core teachings we practice. Lloyd Higley Golf teaching philosophy is based on 3 core beliefs:

1. Learn swing physics and geometry

The premise that knowledge, rather than muscle memory, is the path to success and that a lack of success comes from incorrect understandings as opposed to lack of ability.

2. Develop sound body mechanics

Knowing how the muscles and joints work best to create an efficient and injury free golf swing.

3. Train your brain to learn.

The mind learns best in a playful environment. Studies show that its better to teach yourself. This is done by us guiding you through a process we call D.O.C.  Do it, Observe it, Correct it