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The golf swing is a chain reaction that is based on sound fundamentals and a proper understanding of how the body should operate to ingrain a proper pivot.

The Modern big muscle golfswing:

If your fundamentals are sound (especially grip and posture);
If your torso pivots properly (IF it does there is NO weight shift);
The weight (pressure) TRANSFERS itself by the very action of pivoting properly;
If your arms remain synchronized to the pivot and the left forearm rotates clockwise;
Then the club will be on plane;
The face will be on plane;
The arms will be wide and in synch with the wound trunk and torso;
Then it is simply a matter of letting everything go exactly in the opposite way that it wound up;
There is lateral movement in the transition between backswing to downswing;

But, the lateral movement is simply a part of getting from your right pivot point (right leg) to your left pivot point (left leg) so that you can unwind aggressively to the left while your hands and arms simply hold onto the club.

However, NO student can be expected to get all of this within a short period of time. I tell ALL of my students that short-term in golf is ONE year. IF they will dedicate themselves for that ONE year they will ingrain a fundamentally sound golf swing which will serve them for MANY years to come. A lesson a week is GROSS overkill, unless you are working on long game one week, pitching and chipping another, then putting, then back to the long game, etc.

This is a pearl of wisdom that Chuck Hogan said

– 60 reps per day
– EVERY rep has a specific intention
– EVERY rep has your FULL attention
– For 21 days.

On the average, it will take you THREE WEEKS to ingrain even the simplest changes in a golf swing. PATIENCE is the single greatest attribute you can possess IF you REALLY want to be a good player; both in building your golf swing and in actually playing the game. If you will look at a golf swing like a jigsaw puzzle with less than ten pieces and realize that each piece has to be fully digested and ingrained before another can be added, then you will greatly reduce your frustration and you will find that you improve more consistently.

An Improvement Plan

To create and build a fundamentally sound golf swing a player MUST be fundamentally sound at address – grip,posture, alignment, stance, and ball position — with GRIP and POSTURE being the two most important of these fundamentals, by far. There is NO proper number of knuckles or strength of grip; just a parameter of two to four knuckles to work within (somewhat of a grey area). The same is true for posture, etc; there are no exacts within these fundamentals. It all depends on the individual and their swing tendencies, body build, flexibility, etc. To truly be a GREAT BALLSTRIKER there are certain things that MUST occur. If you follow MOST instruction there today you will NEVER achieve or feel it. A small percentage of teachers available today truly demonstrate an understanding of the path to GREAT BALLSTRIKING. Some range from decent to really good at ONE , but to truly be a great one the recipe consists of having an intimate knowledge of a bunch of methods (understanding their positives and negatives) and have REALLY studied a LOT of footage of GREAT BALLSTRIKERS. It is important to have an understanding of physics, human anatomy, and biomechanics, to actually be able to do it (if under pressure in competition, then even better), and teach for the LOVE of doing so and NOT for money, fame, and ego. A GREAT BALLSTRIKER is a player who can move it both ways on demand, vary the trajectory a LOT on demand, hit it solid with compression, have the left side of the course defeated, and do it all under pressure.